Do I need a referral for a podiatry consultation?

No, you don’t need a referral to see a Podiatrist.

Does my health fund cover orthotics?

The rebate from your health fund is dependent on your level of cover. For this reason we recommend contacting your health fund to determine your level of cover.

**Note that health funds do not supply rebates for prefabricated orthotics.

I think I have an ingrown toenail, what do I do?

Ingrown toenails can be very painful if left untreated. If you suspect you have an ingrown nail, daily saltwater baths and applying a Band Aid can help prevent an infection. Avoid tight or constrictive shoes as this can worsen the condition. Book in to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. Nail surgery is not always required and conservative treatment is usually performed unless the ingrown nail is an ongoing problem or becomes frequently infected. A local anaesthetic may be used to numb the affected toe as part of the treatment.

Can nail surgery be done at my first appointment?

Nail surgery requires an initial assessment prior to booking you for the procedure. This is to allow us time to take a comprehensive medical history, assess footwear and aggravating factors, allergies, and assess whether you are a suitable candidate.

Can the consultation be Bulk Billed through Medicare?

As we are a private billing clinic we do not bulk bill. If your GP has supplied you with a care plan known as an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) or a CDM (Chronic Disease Management Plan), Medicare will rebate a certain portion of the consult. We can claim this rebate for you in the clinic, provided you have a valid referral from your GP and your bank details are registered with Medicare.

I think I have a fungal nail, what do I do?

Fungal nails are very common and can be successfully treated, however, nail discolouration doesn’t necessarily mean you have a fungal nail. For this reason, we take a sample of your nail and send it for microbiology testing to ascertain whether it is a fungal infection and what the most suitable treatment plan would be.

How long is the consultation?

Initial Consultation 40 mins

Biomechanincal Assessment 60 mins

Follow-up consultation 30 mins

Is there parking on the premises?

There is limited parking on the premises itself, however there is ample street parking.

I need information, can I send the Podiatrist a message?

Yes, you can send us a message through the message service, via our Facebook page, or you can also email us at