Ingrown toenails, it hurts!

If you’ve ever had one of these, the kind of pain that comes with it requires no explanation…it can be really painful and quite debilitating! Putting on a shoe or even having your sheets touch your toe at night can be enough to drive you up the walls.

There are a number of factors that can cause ingrown toenails:

  • poorly fitting shoes

  • poor nail cutting technique

  • genetics (curled or rounded nail shape)

  • trauma from either a stub or dropping something on your toe

Once a nail becomes ingrown, it usually becomes quite swollen, red and may even ooze pus. The reason for this is that your body treats the nail as if it were a foreign object, and as such infection sets in. It is important to have it treated professionally as to treat the infection as well as to remove the cause, otherwise it may become an ongoing problem.

Podiatists are trained and very skilled to treat ingwown nails in a variety of ways, both conservatively and surgically if required. I pride myself in very effective and gentle treatment of ingrown nails. Over the past ten years, my experience cetainly has perfected the treatment of ingrown nails and I just love treating them because of the instant relief my patients experience. I pride myself on a very gentle and steady technique for even the most stubborn ingrown toenail. If an ingrown nail is an ongoing issue I perform a minor nail surgical procedure which is extremely successful and solves the problem permanently.

If you or anyone you know suffer from an ingrown toenail, feel free to message me via my website if you have any queries or book in online for a consultation. Treatment can usually be performed during the initial consultation, however if nail surgery is required, a follow up appointment will be made.